Energy-Inducing Meditation? With Kids?! Seriously, try it!


We’ve all heard how important meditation can be for calming the mind. 

But with a baby in the house, the act of meditation can feel impossible! I’ve found a way to make it happen, and if you’re experiencing ‘one of those days’, it might just be exactly what you need RIGHT NOW.

When you find yourself on the brink of losing your sanity due to lack of sleep, and you have minimal support around you, there is one big thing that can help tremendously (aside from exercise & healthy eating of course), and that is MEDITATION.

With kids, we don’t often get 5 minutes to ourselves, so I do this simple technique when I’m breastfeeding my baby, or with older kids, attempt during nap time or when you have a semi-quiet moment to yourself…take it!

This energy-inducing meditation works for me every time, and I highly recommend you give it a go…since we all know a nap would be nice, but isn’t always possible…

It goes like this.

Once my baby latches on, I close my eyes, and breathe in deeply, counting to five. Hold my breath deep within me, for a count of five. Then release for a count of five.

While I release, I repeat ‘love, calm, patience’ to myself and try to visualize that calm energy releasing from me to my baby. I repeat this for as long as my little one is feeding, and afterwards I feel so much better! I think my little one feels it too, as he will nearly always go down into his cot and enjoy a peaceful rest afterwards, which is BLISS!

After a night like last night and a full day ahead, I know I’ll be doing this a few times over the next 10 hours!

Hope it helps you, too.

xx Jenine

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