The Baby Time Warp

I live in this time-warped world, and you might, too.

I call it “the Baby Time Warp”.  The minutes which flow into hours into days into weeks into YEARS…and suddenly, your baby is turning four. FOUR YEARS OLD.  She has conversations with you. She argues.  She is a little PERSON in every single way, asserting her power as she can, learning and questioning and loving every day. Yet, you remain the centre of her universe…

So much has happened, yet so much the same.

The daily routine of motherhood.  The endless cooking & cleaning – kids, pets, house, yourself.  Sometimes in that order.  It takes forever to get through the day, and then night falls, our angels are asleep (if we’re lucky) and we awake again, to the groundhog day of parenthood that challenges us in ways we’ve never imagined. And allows time to fly by, especially in the moments we need it to slow down.

It perhaps hits me hardest with my clients.  Some of you have been with us throughout THREE pregnancies now.  And that first little baby who attended sessions with you, well, she’s now having a conversation. Thanking me, actually SAYING THE WORDS “Thank you for doing exercise with us”! Heart melting, goosebumps giving, awesome THANK YOU WORLD kind of stuff.

When babies start exercising with their Mums before they can crawl, they watch Mum intently.  They might kick their little legs with excitement, ‘Coo’ and gurgle and smile as she completes her workout with them beside her.

They start crawling.  They get to her however they can, smiling, giggling, playing throughout out workout.  They might interact with the other bubs, but focus remains on Mum.

They start walking.  Suddenly, they are getting into everything, playing, exploring, tasting things they shouldn’t. They start grooving to the music however they can.  But they still love being lifted and playing with Mum as we exercise, and might even try to mimic us!

They can run now, and talk a bit, too.  They know the names of the movements. They see Mum getting into position and prepare for it, too.  The laughter is contagious and the smiles flowing.  They dance, they chase, they hop – and Mum does, too.

And right before our eyes, they are now out of nappies, and talking about anything and everything, and showing their baby brother how to do it, too.

These are the melting moments.  These are the times that make me realise how powerful what we do really is.

As the saying goes, “Involve Them and They Learn”, and its so true.

All these little ones, learning about living healthy, positive body image, health socialisation, and that exercise is fun to do together. From their earliest days. All because of YOU, Mumma!

Embrace the Baby Time Warp ladies, and get active with your babies NOW!  Because before you know it, they won’t be babies anymore…

xx Jenine

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